newest dress

"the little sail boat" by lois lenski

dress detail

  • Created: july 2, 2009

  • Pattern: my own

  • Fabric: striped blue denim leftover from a custom order

  • Inspiration: sailing in new england two summers ago, "the little sail boat" by lois lenski, and the rope font on the cover of "the sea made men" by roger w. babson .

  • Thoughts: it's probably because i'm dreaming about our upcoming summer vacation out east, but i've had this dress floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now. not until recently have i started to get a clearer picture of how i wanted it to turn out, so once i did, i started work on it. i worked on the pattern for a couple of days, but i had a lot of hesitation to picking up my scissors and cutting into the fabric. my recent projects i've done have been a bit unsatisfying to me, so i hated the thought of wasting even more fabric and time. but, i had a bit of time thursday morning, so using the deadline of having to leave the house by 2pm, i decided to charge ahead and work all morning to see what i could get done. thanks to the simplicity of this pattern (all except the monkey fists that i kept screwing up), i got the whole dress finished just in time! i'm so glad i did, because it's the most comfortable, well fitted summer dress i've made to date!


wendy said...

i love it. looks so comfortable too. oh, and the shoes! can i ask where you found the shoes?

claire said...

it looks so great on you elly! and that tie with knots is the bees knees.

Jenny said...

I love how you made little nautical knots at the ends!