right place, right time

right place, right time

  • i was having one of the toughest days a couple weeks ago after i found out from the bank that our mortgage is going to increase due to a miscalculation the bank made while originally setting up our mortgage. on the way home from getting the bad news, i decided to stop at the thrift store to see if i could find something that would brighten my day a little. i just about died when i saw this herman miller chair set for fourteen dollars!!! using the last of my christmas money (thank you, uncle doug), i started loading up our car with my most awesome thrift ever, and drove away a very shocked, happy woman. but, not without getting sworn at by an angry hippie first.

    i couldn't have found these at a better time, with our old dining room chairs literally falling apart after many attempts by my dad to fix them.

    and if times get rough, we know the first thing we'll be selling!


    Anna Allen said...

    hahaha...an angry hippie swore at you? for claiming the chairs before they got to it? i am imagining this picture and laughing out loud.

    i love thrift store finds like this. as my mom says, makes you feel like you won. :)

    claire said...

    best find ever!

    Grace said...

    Egads for two reasons.

    1. What a deal!

    2. After reading your post I realized my green chair is also a Herman Miller although the back is scratched.

    Emily said...

    Awesome find! Every girl needs a "magic" thrift store. I had a couple when I lived in Seattle. I once found a pair of Pucci shoes for six bucks!