thanks for my last 100,000 joanna!

i just hit 1,000,000 views on flickr! who knew putting your pants on one leg at a time could get you that! and you know what's crazy about the internet? i leave my house wearing the exact clothing, and no one says a word. there's nothing like the real world to keep you grounded.


Anna Allen said...

way to go, elly!! i love your pictures and i bet you'd be way fun to hang with! btw, funny story about being featured on cup of jo. the other day my little brother sent me a link to that blog post saying he thought you had cool style and i might like it. haha! and i bet those people who haven't said anything are thinking "damn she has good style." ;)

Piper said...

You are fab. Your style is fab. You should post more. Presh!