design aesthetic, i don't get you.

at first i thought the reason i bought this linen towel was because of the fact that it was made in rhode island (where doug and i spent our first four months as a married couple), but this morning i realized that the martha stewart sugar jar sitting on top of it was suspiciously similar. no wonder i couldn't pass it up at the thrift store.

i always admire people who know what makes them tick, because i've never really been able to pinpoint what it is that i love. especially when it comes to the home, i'm still puzzled about what colors, furniture, and fabrics i'm attracted - what feel i'm going for once the house finally comes together. maybe i'm just not a big picture kind of a person, and i'll just have to sit back and see where i end up.


hibou said...

I feel the same!

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

likewise-- both the towel and the dish are adorable, though!

ami said...

You may not realize it, but your instincts are practically flawless--you have GREAT taste.

Well, from what I can see by stalking your Flickr and your blog, anyway!

I wish you'd come redecorate my house!

Kristena said...

I totally get that. I love objects. Various objects. And sometimes they come together beautifully. And sometimes they don't. So I also have to be an editor. :)