stumbling (and almost breaking my neck) into fall

i had a couple of things come up this month that threw me off a bit, mainly sickness and having a some close calls with the ongoing recession, so i've been trying to find ways to roll with the punches. since i've been tending to an unwell child and unable to spend hours at my sewing machine, i came up with a backup plan of selling unused clothes from my closet. i feel bad how wasteful i've been in the past - buying things i obviously don't need, but then hogging them all to myself in my closet. although i've given away embarrassing amounts of clothing to the local thrift store in the past, i've been holding on to these items that are in brand new condition hoping to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. after a little bit of time to research bigcartel's policies, i decided keeping my shop updated would be the best way to fill the lull in sewing activity. i just uploaded a couple more items this morning to the shop, but i'm not going to keep them up much longer. I'm ready to get back to selling the stuff I make, i'm just waiting for the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Shucks! I love your Sumac scarf... must have just missed it! :)

julie machen said...

Can't wait to see [and hopefully snap up] some lovelies from your shop. No pressure mama.