williamsburg and jenny

  • halfway through our visit to doug's parent's, i had the chance to take the train into new york city to visit my best friend, jenny. again, another trip that flew by much too fast. i spent a total of two days in the city with jenny shopping, talking, eating great food, talking, laughing, and just exploring a city i had never had the chance to visit before! most of all, i enjoyed getting a chance to see jenny's home, also a first for me. jenny and joe's apartment is so beautiful and cozy - a real refuge from city life. pictures can't quite do it justice - the atmosphere of their home is so welcoming. and the cats. oh sophia and seymour, you two were awesome. and i'm not a cat person. but one game of "attack the shopping bag," and i was wondering if jenny would still consider me a friend if i stole them both.

    after a great couple of days in the city, joe, jenny and i hopped in the car for harrowing journey north to spend the rest of the weekend with the family. it was wonderful - jenny and i walked around the art festival going on in town, we had good food, there was enough time for a wiksten photo shoot (so much fun), we roasted marshmallows, watched a movie and even had a pinball tournament between jenny, joe, doug and i! it was so much fun. so much so, that i have a lump in my throat reminiscing about it. it's so hard to be so far away from your best friend, but it makes you appreciate those times you have together even more.

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