i think i've skipped fall and gone right into winter

this morning i woke up and thought, "hmmm, it's about time i participate in braid wednesday. today is the day!"

too bad today is thursday.

i found this icelandic sweater at the thrift store yesterday. love.

thanks to everyone who signed up on my mailing list! i should be putting something together soon.

i'll leave you with a little something i heard on npr this morning that made my day.


Signorina Svizzera said...

I wish I could be wearing sweaters right now! i' im switzerland and it's 22 Celcius outside!!!
Each morning I stare longingly at my scarf and sweater collection, check the weather reports, sigh, and get a t-shirt.
Though I do get to do braids whenever I like :)

Signorina Svizzera said...

*that was supposed to say "i'm in switzerland", not "i' im"

Anonymous said...

Ut oh, I love those shoes. Where did you get them?