a couple notes

frost and snow on the truck

i'm in the middle of getting everything ready for the shop tomorrow, and i thought of a couple things. one is that i've decided to use two different prints for this update. i guess that would be me warning you. i've avoided prints before because they scare me and it's hard to find a good one, but i wanted to make sure that these pieces could transition from the winter into the spring and i think i found some fabrics that are appropriate for that.

which brings me to my second point. although i'm calling this a winter collection, i realize that a lot of spring collections are coming out already. but since calling myself a designer kind of makes me gag, and winter's has really just begun where i live, ima gonna do another winter collection! it's my second favorite season after all, so i'm going to take advantage of the seasonal inspiration for as long as i can.

and one more thing, saying "collection" sounds too serious for me to be using, too professional. i have a hangup about definitions (previous statement about the word designer), so i'm not sure if i'm making too much out of it or not. i mean, let's talk about how many times i used the word "boyfriend" when dating doug. yeah, i was a retard. there are a few people who i think can use the word legitimately, but every time i hear myself say it, i kind of snarl. is there a more appropriate word for the couple things i make when i can, or is this just the whole "boyfriend" thing all over again? because we all know how that turned out - i pretty much got over it.


the nest said...

Call it what you will, but in my opinion, I think you're awfully good at that {cough} designing thing! :) Really looking forward to seeing the "collection"!

sarah said...

yeh i feel you. this one is hard. it's hard to admit this stuff to yourself. and i think each person has their moment when they become ok with whatever label. mine came when i started paying back my student loans from art school that i'll be paying off until i'm a senior citizen. (ca-ching!!$$)

Lyn said...

your work is beautiful no matter what you or anyone calls it. excited to see the new "collection"! after all, it is a collection of pieces, right? ;)

Julia said...

i actually really like the idea of calling it a collection- it makes it sound more manageable :) just a little grouping of items that have been made with lots of care.

that being said, call it whatever the eff you want to! it's still beautiful work!!

ellybeth said...

thanks for the kind words everyone! it helped me out to know that y'all don't care even though you understand.

i just don't like how you can use the internet to suddenly be a professional (at anything) when you don't have any real life qualifications that would make you that. i get nervous that i'm just doing the same.