tundra dress in size small

i just added another tundra dress to the shop. it was really nice to get feedback from everyone about what they'd like to see more of in the store, so i should mention that since this was a highly requested design, this might be the last of this dress in his exact, super-soft navy corduroy. i've been holding on to it for a while, and am not sure if i will be able to find more of this fabric.

wow, nevermind. the dress sold before i even posted this! that just made my day!

oh, and one more note - i have been insuring the last couple shipments i sent out, and have been thinking that i might do that for all my orders now. this might raise the cost of shipping just a little, but i'm thinking it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I missed it! Darn having to be at work during the day. I look forward to something lovely for Spring.

stephanie renee said...

Oh I am too late, I love the navy corduroy!

Rachel said...

Ohhhh, Very awesome. Liking the corduroy!

ps. I saw on your profile that you are a bon iver fan... LOVE LOVE LOVE bon iver!