hello spring!

well, the update is done, and you can head on over to the shop if you'd like to check it out. i had a lot of fun changing up my designs to make a couple more spring-like items.

i usually try to get my orders out the day they are placed, but i'm going to have a house full of kids this afternoon, so it's looking like if anything's going to be packaged right, it'll be sent out tomorrow. unless you don't mind me accidentally packaging up a toddler instead of a shirt. plus, it's my mom's b-day which means phone partay! poor woman, she might be getting more than she bargained for this year.


jenny gordy said...

i love the spring tops and the photos! so cute. reminds me of kirsten dunst.

Rachel said...

the red one is my fav. so cute elly.

Laura said...

this photo is so cute. i love everything about it! the shirt, the triangles, the red hat. yes yes.