earth day giveaway!

sea green billy button necklace giveaway!

i've been wanting to hold a giveaway for a long time, as a small way of thanking you all for your encouragement and business. and what better day to hold it, but on one that asks us to care for something that has given us so much!

after making a bunch of billy button necklaces for the shop, i realized now would be a good time for a giveaway. i really want to encourage everyone to participate, even if you're new to commenting on my blog. and if you've ordered something from me before, you still should comment. i'm so grateful for your business, you have no idea. also, i understand that a lot of you cannot afford the things in my shop but your support still means so much to me - you should go ahead and comment too! everyone should get a chance, and remember, this is a benefit to me too to see who and how many people are reading this.

there is something i'll ask of you though in return. thankfulness and generosity have been on my mind a lot lately, and i'd love if you took the time to tell me a story of someone who has shown you generosity that has inspired you to do the same. but i won't ask that you share something that i can't share myself. the examples of generosity that have changed my life are the ones where i know the person is giving me something that's a sacrifice to them. two recent examples come to mind.

the other night, i got upset with doug for not understanding me in a stressful moment right before he had to leave the house. he returned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and ice cream, and the most generous gift of a promise to listen to me without fighting back. i had been mean, but he stretched himself to care. i knew it wasn't easy or natural to him, and he inspires me to be kind even when it's hard.

also, some of you might remember a shop update a while back that jenny made, where things didn't get uploaded on time? the reason they didn't get uploaded was because i was having a major mental breakdown and called jenny right in the middle of her workday and she took the time to talk to me for 8 WHOLE HOURS!!! she graciously called it "something urgent," and not a word was said about the real reason. she's like this all the time, people! i'm so lucky to have a friend to aspire to be like.

i'll let you comment away at least for a couple days, just make sure to leave some way for me to track you down, like an email or link to your blog. but if you're family or someone i know, don't worry, i'll figure out how to get a hold of you. thanks everyone!

the giveaway is over now: whitney's the winner, although i wish i had a necklace for everyone ;) you guys rock!


Verity Keniger said...

hi Elly,

I will have to generalise and give credit to my mother who supports me endlessly in whatever I do, including financially when she barely has any money herself. She is the most selfless person I know. I always feel bad I am not working hard enough to make me worthy of her generosity, but this is just me, she never does anything to make me feel like that. She gives and expects nothing in return - I try hard to follow her example.

I enjoy your blog very much and the things you make are so very very nice they make me smile and sigh.

all the best,
Verity (veritykeniger@hotmail.com)

Sharon said...

Yea! love a giveaway...you're so sweet to do that...count me in please...now, first, I will be having your earth day pasta tonight that you very much made with my own chives, basil and parsley! We farm so i always have fresh brown eggs. lastly, i feel very lucky to be surrounded by generosity. recently, my "boys" (age 20 + 17) did a small something that made me so proud. While cutting my mom's grass for her, they noticed her neighbor's grass was extremely high. The neighbor was terminally ill at the time - she soon afterward passed away - so without being asked or told, they went over and cut her grass as well....just did it. 17 & 20 year old boys can sometimes be navel gazers so for them to do this for someone they really didn't know well, but knew of her plight was also a gift to me...a great gift for a mom...thanks again for the chance to remember something sweet, and enter a giveaway! sharon at www.farmandfrufru.blogspot.com

mjb said...

I have a couple friends who are generous with my time and who help me out with my puppy when I'm at work from time to time - before I had a dog I would not have understood but now I am so grateful for their generosity.

Whitney said...

my husband has always supported me in everything, which honestly, can't be easy. i cant think of anything more generous than someone who will always put themselves aside to support someone else whole-heartedly. i think that loving someone else is the most greatest gift. i constantly feel like I'm trying to be more like him, because he is so amazing to me. i'm so grateful.

sarah said...

what a lovely idea on earth day. i am lucky to have many generous family + friends in my life. but the recent act of kindness + generosity that touched me was when our neighbor surprised us and washed our car last week. he armor alled the tires + everything. he told me "well i was washing mine and thought i'd do yours too." it blew me away that this BIG act of kindness for me was not a big deal to him. it's just how he operates in the world. spreading love around. pretty inspiring. i can't wait to read other people's stories.

Jess said...

both of these stories are so sweet and very inspirational.

A few months ago I was going through a lot of stress with the death of a really close family friend, and one day when I got home from work there was a sweet care package from my friend across the country. She sent me things she had been collecting that reminded her of me, including a pretty floral handkerchief, a string of paper ginkgoes (my very favorite leaf) and a ginkgo cookie cutter she found in Germany. So, so sweet.

I am so excited for your success and I adore your blog and each of your new creations! Yay!

Emily said...

What a great theme. I really appreciate kindness and generosity, too. I live in a little duplex. I don't know my new neighbor very well, but he has already performed several small acts of kindness. He does little things like sweeping pollen off the whole porch (not just his half), and taking in a conspicuous package for me if it arrives while I'm away at work. It's not much, but it's a huge help to me.

eve said...

elly ,
such a great post and a lovely necklace.
i just wanted to say hi and that i adore the two green olives pieces i have !
yesterday it was really warm and i broke out my 'end of summer tank' .. i love it so much !
i love all of your work and am looking forward to seeing more of it ... happy earth day !

Katie said...

five years ago, i moved 1000 miles away from my hometown. it was especially hard on my family, but we've all worked hard to maintain strong relationships despite the distance. only lately, as my brother prepares to strike off on his own as well, have i realized what generous parents he and i have been blessed with that they are able to overcome their own pain at being away from their children and be so very supportive of our dreams. my mom in particular still sends me care packages, sews clothes for me, sends me random messages throughout the day, and continually reminds me that she is there for me. she is generous with her heart and time.

anyway, love your blog and your work! both are so inspiring! thanks for having a giveaway!

Katie (katie.funk@gmail.com)

anneemall said...

Beside my family and friends who are always very supportive, a lot of people around me do nice things that they don't have to do but that I truly appreciate. The women from the wool shop taking time to explain knitting instructions that I don't get well, our doctor receiving us once on a day when he was not working, my head at work sending me a caring e-mail when she knew something sad happened in my life etc. These things really made me happy.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Wow, everyone's stories are so wonderful! This is a great idea for a giveaway, Elly. Your necklaces, like your clothing, are beautiful, but right now your designs are out of my budget. My story relates to this... in February 2009 I lost my job due to the economic downturn. After my boss delivered the bad news I called my father, who I have always been very close to. I then tried to collect myself and dry my tears enough to be presentable for my train ride back from NYC to Long Island. My phone rang again; it was my father offering to come into the city from LI and drive me home. It was incredibly generous of him... I was in such a bad state but talking with him while being stuck in rush hour traffic helped me to feel a bit better about the situation. My father gave of himself and his time when I was in an hour of need, and this is the kind of person he has and will always be!

xo, Jennifer

Christina said...

Hi! I read your blog fairly frequently, and I don't recall if I've ever commented. The clothes that you make are so beautiful!

College was sort of a series of ups and downs for me, and I was lucky enough to find a professor who really took the time to listen to me when I was stressing about the typically early 20s crisis sort of things - too much work, worried about graduation, relationship troubles. And whenever I email him, to this day, about a stressful problem, he calls me right away to let me freak out and give me advice. I think I appreciate most people who are generous with their time. Especially when they're just listening.

I liked the story about you calling your friend when you were upset. That sounds like a wonderful friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your stuff and get lots of good outfit ideas from you.....and by the way, I love your bed frame which is in so many of your pictures! Where did you get it? I'm trying to get my hubby to make me a similar one out of wood but I don't know if its gonna happen with his schedule at work....I guess I can dream.
My story is from when we were trying to buy a house last year. We had been through a rather painful process of offering on a house we loved, having the offer accepted, and then having it fall through due to a small issue that our lenders would not lend on so the sellers had to accept another offer. Anyhow, through the process, we established somewhat of a relationship with the sellers and they had fought with us to be able to buy the house. When they packed up and moved across the country, they stopped by our house on the way out of town and brought a gift for our new baby girl, gave us a check for the amount of money we had put into inspections trying to buy the house(totally and completely unexpected as well as unheard of), and wouldn't take more than $100 for a car we had agreed to buy from them....a car that my husband has been commuting in for the last 7 months and that has saved us a ton of money on gas. It was a totally awesome lesson on God's being in control of every situation and how generous people are still out there.

Take care!
Esther (essymar23@yahoo.com)

sonya said...

hi elly,

your comments make me think about the nature of generosity - ie the perception of the receiver of the act.

my dad's bravely survived breast cancer (men can get it too) and underwent genetic testing to find out which gene was responsible for it. He did this so that his two daughters, grandchildren and two nieces (who's mum died of ovarian cancer, same gene) can find out whether we have the same 85% chance of developing it and then can sign up for the free regular screenings.

He saw it as his duty but for me and my cousins it was very generous (and possibly lifesaving), putting us in a position he and his sister weren't able to be in.

thanks for this thought provoking exercise - and of course your beautiful beautiful creations (which i am saving up for).


erica said...

As silly as it may sound, I learn so much about generosity from my six month old little girl. No matter what kind of day I'm having, regardless of whether I'm stressed or tired or grumpy, no matter what I look like or how much I've accomplished from my to-do list, etc. etc., her love is constant, she never runs out of smiles to give, she will cuddle all day long, she gives & gives & gives. My baby girl is the most generous person I know. Her daddy is a close second (she gets it from him :) ).
p.s. LOVE the necklace!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for offering this giveaway! I love your work...

This week I have to thank my parents, who have been taking care of my 9 month old baby so I can do two weeks of work on my long-overdue dissertation. Such a huge gift.

tinypaperheart said...

thanks for the giveaway elly! i think the necklace is awesome. :) my answer would be one of my student's parents. she came in and completely decorated my classroom for my birthday and gave me the most awesome card ever. i was so touched. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi elly, what a great idea :) I think being in the other side of the world (Asia) disqualifies me from joining though I thought I'd finally comment (as i'd been following your blog for a while).

my most recent experience with generosity was last weekend, my sister took me and my friends to a volcano (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2760/4533411897_010491a901_o.jpg) and we even got to swim in the crater! it was beyond beautiful. :)

keep up the blog, i am thrilled every time i see you have a new entry :)

Vicky said...


I have supportive family and friends, my dad who is 75 recently helped me to decorate my bathroom. I have friends who will always talk to me if i have something going and ask for nothing in return. Or they will help with plumbing problems or pick up furniture i have brought.

Its good to think of others and this is a good reminder.

I love your blog and the clothes you make.

Take Care
Vicky (vickycowin@yahoo.co.uk)

erica said...

I forgot to leave my contact info! Erica.Stubblefield@gmail.com

Amaranta said...

Well all my life I had people helping me out one way or another, but to name one: In college I had a few semester being really poor, I had money for school and food and that was it, no going out, no cable service on my tv, and of course NO shopping.

One GOOD friend, used to invite me over to her house on weekends, there they had plenty of food and snacks... plus (and this is the part that makes me cry) she would give me some of t-shirts... she had TONS of things to wear so she didn't mind, plus I guess after a year of no shopping I looked like a needed something new on my back.

I adore her with all my heart, she made a moment that could have been embarrassing to me into a cool sleepover.

Amaranta said...

Sorry, I forgot
this is my e-mail
escuishi (at)hotmail.com

and I will blog about the giveaway

Sara said...

I've actually experienced so much generosity and care the past couple days from some close friends as I broke up with a boyfriend earlier this week. These girls asked thoughtful questions, sat and listened, let me cry with them, then cooked with me and made me laugh.

Thanks for sharing your story. Hope someday I find a guy as good as Doug. :)


Meg McElwee said...

Hi Elly,

How I wish I knew both you and Jenny better - you both come across as such thoughtful women with a depth to your characters that's hard to miss. I've long been an admirer of your designs, but I so often get caught up in the busyness of mothering and work that I don't believe I've ever commented. I think that's reflective of how I move through life - with good intentions and warm feelings, but with few instances of outright generosity on my part. If only it were just the thought that counted!

As a relatively new mama, I've been overwhelmed by the generosity of seasoned mothers. I feel like once you have a baby, you enter into this "circle of mothers", a community where you are understood and supported. One concrete example of this kind of generosity is my neighbor who, even though we hadn't yet met (we were new to the area) brought over a breastfeeding care package for me when my son was only days old. It was a gesture that I'll always remember, even through that new baby fog.

Thanks for the opportunity to reflect!

Much warmth,


stephanie renee said...

such a sweet necklace! my story...last week as i was frantically trying to package all my orders before leaving on vacation, my husband stepped in and made me labels so i wouldn't have to address everything by hand. he was suppose to be busy working himself, but could see how much i needed a little help. it meant the world to me and reminded me how grateful i am to have such a supportive partner.

kelly said...

hi elly! what a lovely giveaway! i'm eternally grateful for everyone who has stopped their lives this past week to help me & my boyfriend with an unexpected health emergency with our dog. he needs a surgery we can't afford to regain his eyesight and without asking, people have offered money, their assistance, their connections, their shoulders and their sympathy. it's amazing how people you barely know or have hardly spoken to in years will respond instantly in times of crisis, even for something as seemingly insignificant as someone's pet. i suppose we all recognize that deep down these little creatures love us regardless of our faults and we all owe them our endless love. i feel overwhelmed with support and know that, know matter how this surgery turns out, my little doggie knows i love him and i know that my friends love him and me. it's an enormous blessing.

Anonymous said...

My parents are endlessly generous with their kids (including me). My husband and I bought a house a few years ago and the tree in our front yard has been dying ever since. It's very expensive to cut down trees (shockingly so), and we couldn't really afford the expense, so a few weeks ago my dad showed up with a blank check and told me to get it done because he knew how much it had been bothering me.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I read your blog often but I don't think I've ever left a comment before!

I love your pieces but am always too late to the party and my size is usually gone.

Anyhow, earlier this week I had a terrible migraine. I tried going to bed early but just couldn't relax into true sleep. I got up at midnight and stumbled into the kitchen for water and a cracker. My boyfriend, who was still awake, came to my side to find out what was wrong. Being half awake with a throbbing head and stuffing my face with crackers, I can't be entirely sure what I said to him. He ended up following me back to bed where he laid next to me and rubbed my head until I fell asleep. This may not sound like much to some people, but to me it meant the world.

Thanks! *melissa lovethebag@hotmailc.om

Lynn said...

My coworker brought in red velvet cupcakes to our weekly meeting, and when she found out I couldn't make the meeting, she saved one in the fridge for me! What a great way to start my morning!

Thanks so much. I really enjoy your blog!


cindy said...

i met my husband on a blind date many years ago and i genuinely feel like he saved me from a tiny town and life in new jersey. new jersey is very nice, don't believe those dopey tv shows, but nyc is much better, and more importantly, he is still the best friend i have or ever will.

i love my green olive pink hat and it's the only one i'll wear not being a hat person. it doesn't give me hat hair. i also love green and your lovely necklace would go perfectly with it.

thank you for the nice giveaway! enjoy your weekend!


lauren said...

one of the first things that came to mind was a good friend too - six months ago i was trying to make a move to RI from MD and everything fell apart at the last minute. like, we lost our apartment the day before i was driving a 16 foot moving truck up 95. a good friend who had also been through a lot recently took me in, helped look for apartments, helped with rides, and let me live with her for a week until it all worked. so thankful, and i was able to finally put everything in place. so happy to have her, and we're going yarn shopping together this weekend ;)

simple things said...

I love reading these comments. It is nice to see so much kindness.

My partner had an accident and surgery recently, and I have had to juggle working and looking after him, which has been pretty hard.

Although it literally took him all day (with his injuries), he walked up to the shops, bought food and cooked dinner for us so that I would not have to cook it when I got home from work.

I was very touched that he put in so much effort so that I could have a night off.

Caroline said...

What a great idea Elly! I love reading everyone's comments. :)

My boss's heart constantly astounds me...I never thought I would find a friend in the person I report to at work but she has taught me so much about life, love, professionalsim, and true friendship. She is always giving of herself, her resources, and her time, and she always makes a point to think of everyone in her life and blesses them with notes, gifts, and encouraging words and prayers. Such an awesome lady! She teaches me life lessons every single day and I appreciate her so much. She recently extended herself to someone within our company beyond anything I would ever imagine doing myself and it completely made me rethink my responses to my aquaintances...to treat everyone as a brother or sister instead of just as a familiar face.

Lots love and fuzzy feelings,

Anonymous said...

Elly, this is a great idea. I've loved reading the stories. I'll just add that when I was pregnant with my first child, the secretaries at my husband's office suggested books to buy and delivered a giant bag of maternity clothing to wear. I had never even met most of these women and the fact that they assumed I would not know what to read and tried to make it easier for me to get dressed was such an act of kindness, it made me feel that there was a whole new world that surrounds mothers, and made me feel so welcome.

alexandra said...

my daughter is going tomottow to a birthday party for a girl (3 years old) who insisted on no presents. she wanted to give the presents instead to a foundation here in ATL that heps single mothers and children trying to get back on their feet. I was totally inspired and humbled- our children have so much, they are so lucky0 it made so much sense to celebrate child's birthday this way but I had never thought of it....
so inspiring,


Ellen said...

Hi Elly!

I've been following you and Jenny on flikr for awhile and was so glad when you started posting more on your blog.

This morning my 3 year old son, who's normally VERY cranky in the morning, crawled into bed with me and said: " Hi Mama. I love you." Then he gave me a big hug. That made my whole day. Funny how just the simplest things can mean so much.

Thanks for this thoughtful post.

Anonymous said...

I was having trouble being a teenager, and one of my teachers noticed. I was struggling with depression and issues of insecurity, and he would offer help and good talks, as well as a patient ear, something I dreadfully lacked. He's one of the loveliest people I have met, and he truly saved me that year.


Grace said...

A simple story of gratitude and kindness: My front bike tire had a flat from glass and probably a patched inner tube. On Friday I went to Hank and Frank Bicycles to get replacements only to discover they were having a big bike sale. A bike mechanic told me there was no service but then he felt sorry for me. He asked his coworker to cover and replaced my tire and inner tube. He also sold me a discounted second inner tube. He was gracious and friendly and it allowed me to bike all weekend. The staff at Hank and Frank are very helpful and honest.

Anonymous said...

I had a meeting at school coincidentally the same time and date as a friend. His meeting was canceled but he still gave me a ride (I don't have a car). We are both so busy at end-of-the-semester time and this made my day easier, but his harder. So nice.

I love the necklace and all of your clothes - wish I could afford your designs, but one day. . .

Thanks for the giveaway!!

pink.horse {at} rocketmail {dot} com

Shirley said...

I don't know if the giveaway is still going on, but I'll share anyway.

Generosity abounds in our wonderful world on a daily basis and it is unfortunate that I cannot recall all acts of kindness and generosity that has occurred in my lifetime.

I recently started working at a homeless shelter. Being young and new, I was in for a surprise. It can get a bit chaotic and very unpredictable. I was on my own for a short while and had to help someone move into her bed after lights were out for the night. Another woman was there helping her as she saw that this person was in no condition to move or do anything herself. Although she was a resident of the shelter too and therefore was not obligated to help in this way, her help was not only beneficial to the woman I had to help settle in, but she was also of help to me. It made my night a lot easier as I tried to figure out what to do. And I am forever grateful that she stayed behind to help me and that other woman, even as she was missing out on her sleep.

dreamernvixen at yahoo dot com

Kriscanuck said...

hi- i am grateful for a friend, who even though she is heavily pregnant and on her own during her husband's long hours with her little girl- she took the time to make me an afternoon tea for my birthday. my husband was out of town and she had my 2 girls and i over for a girly tea- our first proper tea since moving to england. it was lovely to still have something to look forward to and her friendship is a true gift.
your necklaces are gorgeous- and i missed the chance to buy one! thank you for your generosity!

kim said...

hello Elly,

I enjoy your blog and photos on Flickr immensely. I think your style is unique and I love the way you layer and pair things. I don't comment often (maybe even ever) but do check in more than a few times a week hoping to see an update. I love the clothing you make, I'm secretly jealous of your skills and long for your (and Jenny's) sewing abilities. One day when I have more time to learn, I will.

Someone who is quite generous would be my husband, Corey. He gives of his time as freely as he can to everyone. If we had more money, he'd be giving in that area, too. Recently, he knew I had a hard day with our son and even though he had worked just as hard outside of the home, he could sense the tension over the phone in my voice. I was ready for a break and he was telling me he needed to stay and work late. I didn't beg him to come home, I simply stated I understood and I'd see him in a bit, but I really had to go so I could finish dinner. I hung up before he could really say good bye. He showed up 15 minutes later with flowers and took care of Clark the rest of the evening until bedtime.

I recently started crocheting and can make a necklace of my own. I do love yours and the colors you've chosen, but if I happen to win, please pass along the gift to someone else. I just really wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Elly!

Thank you for your generosity in sharing so many thoughts and ideas.
I often check your blog hoping there's some new design,photo or story.
it is so inspiring, i wish i had a little of your creativity and craftsmanship. your blog makes me want to learn sewing!

all the best martina

Quindome said...


What a lovely necklace. Recently my bf, R.L, and I went on a trip for the weekend, which brought us home very late Sunday night. I knew I had a busy week coming up and wasn't sure when I would be able to get my staples, yogurt, bananas, and soy milk. Even though he was so tired from the trip too, when I woke up that Monday, there they sat in the kitchen. It was such a small, but thoughtful gesture from someone who loves me. A banana never tasted so sweet.

seesaw said...

awe. i love it.

elisabeth said...

I'm expecting my first baby very soon so I recently closed down my etsy shop for a few months. I've been so impressed by all of the sweet messages and well wishes I've received from those that follow my shop. It makes the online world feel so small and friendly.

michael ann said...

i hope its okay to still comment!

i really like that you asked for a gratitude story, i have one i've been thinking about all week. my husband is so good to me and so good at taking care of me, but this past weekend i saw him taking care of those i love because he loves me. my family was in town and my mom hurt her wrist, and that darling mr. of mine stepped right up and got her ace bandages and advils without ever being asked. it was so sweet for me to see the sacrifices he made for her and my sister all weekend, just because he knows how much my family means to me :]

also, i just have to mention that i adore everything you do and you so often inspire me ;] thanks for being so cool.

Lena said...

I rarely comment but this is such a nice idea I will try to break out of my shell to do so.

Your blog and photos are such a delight and I love your daughter's name. So much.

This weekend I brought some food to a friend who is quite sick. She then turned and gave me a ton of handmedowns for my daughter. She thought of someone else, even while being so sick.


Lesley said...

Great idea, Elly!

I am very close to finishing my PhD...it's been a long hard struggle and I've had a lot of grumpy days lately. My boyfriend had been particularly excited to try out an elaborate new recipe last night. We had just spent an hour procuring all the supplies at a specialty asian store and when we got home, I was exhausted and antsy about getting back to work. My boyfriend spotted the oncoming hunger crisis and changed his cooking plans to make me something wholesome, quick, and delicious. I was sorry to see his recipe have to wait a few days more to be realized, but I was really thankful for a quick and delicious meal. And for all his support!


dorothy said...

i love the idea of thankfulness and generosity. the first person who comes to mind is my generous friend, p. p was out of work for months and months and was very concerned about his finances..but even during that time, he always gave freely to me and to anyone who asked him for change or a spare dollar. he'd say something like this "when you're feeling like holding onto money, it's best to do the opposite..and give to someone who needs it more."....it just made me so grateful for what i had. :)

sian said...

Hiya Elly,

I often have a read of your blog - the internet really does make the world much smaller.

I am grateful for my lovely sister - Lucy. She is a midwife and when I was pregnant with my son she was endlessly patient answering all my questions and putting my mind at rest. When I went into labour she slung some things in a bag (having just finished a shift at the hospital) and caught the first train she could to be here with us. She managed to get here in time and, when Baby Owen swam into the world in a pool in our kitchen, it meant so much to have her by my side. Afterwards we all ate brownies and drank tea, it was a happy, home-made, cosy birth - the best day. Lucy stayed for a week after the birth and looked after the three of us, making (many more) cups of tea and minding baby so we could get some sleep. She's the best sister and auntie, we love her so much. I would give her the necklace if I won!



sian said...

Hiya Elly,

I often have a read of your blog - the internet really does make the world much smaller.

I am grateful for my lovely sister - Lucy. She is a midwife and when I was pregnant with my son she was endlessly patient answering all my questions and putting my mind at rest. When I went into labour she slung some things in a bag (having just finished a shift at the hospital) and caught the first train she could to be here with us. She managed to get here in time and, when Baby Owen swam into the world in a pool in our kitchen, it meant so much to have her by my side. Afterwards we all ate brownies and drank tea, it was a happy, home-made, cosy birth - the best day. Lucy stayed for a week after the birth and looked after the three of us, making (many more) cups of tea and minding baby so we could get some sleep. She's the best sister and auntie, we love her so much. I would give her the necklace if I won!



sian said...

Sorry for the duplicated comment! X

sarah said...

Hi Elly

I would like to nominate my best friend Gill for this necklace as she has shown me and those around her endless friendship, generosity, support and kindness over the year.

I met Gill at work and we became close friends. She left when an opportunity to adopt two children arose but we have stayed in close contact helping each other through life's many struggles. I have witnessed her daily struggles to provide the family life that they had previously missed out on. Throughout these years she has always freely offered help to others when she felt that help was required. But it is I that has most recently benefited from her generosity, kindness and support. Whilst trying to run a house by herself and having many of her own issues to deal with she was (and is) always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, a diversion or somewhere to escape to having had my partner of 10 years leave. Without her there the last 6 months would have been much harder to cope with.

She would absolutely love the necklace.

Her email:gillberry84@yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

PS she reads your blog aswell

kristen said...

i just love these necklaces!! and all of your stuff!! and your sweet friend!! thanks so much for doing a giveaway!! i am moving and she has a friend that lives in my new town and she got her friend to call me and has called me so many times since. it means so much because i hate to start over and am so scared and nervous and bad at making friends. but now i dont have to try so hard because she introduced me to her friend and her friend went way out of her way to call me and include me. i am so appreciative of that and so thankful that you had this give away so i had the chance to think about that and write it down!! thanks so much!!!

Tasha Early said...

hello ello; i mean...elly. ;)

This is a tough one for me! I've noticed lately, though, that my instructors at school are very generous in their advice, praise, compliments, and helpfulness regarding everything I do! I'm not a fashion student, but have a sincere interest in fashion design and am taking a clothing construction course. I'm graduating before I'll have a chance to take pattern drafting; so my instructor GAVE me her copy of the pattern drafting textbook. Oh my goodness; makes me feel great!


Anonymous said...

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