girls just want to have fu-un

apparently we were the only people on the face of the planet that got the school calendar with the wrong spring break dates, so i'm all messed up today. i'm trying to look on the bright side, but i've had enough surprises.

to help myself feel a little more cheerful, i painted my nails an obnoxious pink (the 80's obviously didn't scar me too badly), threw on every item of clothing with color from my wardrobe, and in the process realized that letting go of things feels a lot better when you just accept it.

btw, i have yet to try a rimmel nail polish that i don't absolutely love - this "lasting finish pro" stuff is especially great. it dries fast, lasts long and comes in awesome colors.


Caroline said...

You look adorable!

Ahh, I love color. Color Me Kate's blog is such an inspiration when I'm feeling drab.

stephanie renee said...

i dont do nail polish often, but when i do, it is always hot pink!

eve said...

i love your cardigan and dress!
any tips on where to buy them and the sizing you got ?? so cute!!

Quindome said...

Hey, I too love my cheapie Rimmel polish! I mean Essie is nice, but $8 for those teeny bottles! Cute color and love the look!

UNIFORM Studio said...

totally flashing back to a hot pink long sweater I had....worn with leggings. omg.

ellybeth said...

thanks everyone!

stephanie: i was skeptical of the hot pink in the bottle, but i totally loved it on! and it lasted so nicely until just today, which never happens with nail polish for me.

quindome: have you ever tried their 60 second stuff? it's even cheaper and is awesome!

MARTHA! don't tempt me to challenging you to digging up proof. omg is right.