this summer, we're going to be heading out east for business, as well as a visit with friends and family. we're all so excited. this might be our main summer break, so doug and i have decided that going whale watching is at the top of the list of things to do while in new england. my daughter (a huge whale lover) and i have never been, so as long as i pop enough Dramamine beforehand, i'm pretty sure it's guaranteed fun.

last night, doug and i happened to catch american experience on pbs about the history of whaling. i usually enjoy any chance i get to catch a good documentary on one of our only television channels, but i'm not sure i'd recommend watching this particular one. i myself had nightmares about the cannibal whalers of the Essex - yikes! but now that i've got you interested, by all means, go ahead and watch it online. and by the way, what's up with american experience's new intro? their old one was way better.

all this whale talk has me digging up old shanties and longing for more drawings and photos of anything nautical or marine to hang in our home. i've already started a collection - some of it already hanging, and half of it just needing frames.

since my daughter's birthday is coming up soon, i've also been looking around for anything whale related as a gift for her. this kid LOVES whales, like other kids love barbies and cars. whales and coyotes, goats and the more standard horses. in my opinion, this makes birthday shopping a whole lot more fun!

but enough of this whale nonsense. i've got something cool coming up - i did a really fun interview with anna allen about her upcoming spring/summer collection that i'll be sharing soon! can't wait!


ilovesasek said...

beautiful whale towel! thanks for sharing.

Owls go hoot said...

Yayz for Whalez! I've been watching a programme about this guy who's gone to live on Uist (a Scottish island) for a year and he's getting the island to go out whale spotting. And they have all these amazing ancient whales that turn up on their beach that people have long since thought died out. It's made me want to move to the islands eeeven more than I do already (which it a lot.)!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - to say I was obsessed with whales growing up is an understatement! Whale sweaters... whale turtlenecks.... whale pins, you name it! So I know where your daughter is coming from. :)

Definitely bring the dramamine... North Atlantic Right Whales are very common off the coast of New England and when the whale watching boats get within 500' of them they are required to turn off the engines (which means you're adrift & rockin'n rollin). I've had trips where I've seen none, and trips where I've seen 5. Yikes! :) It's just amazing, either way. And so much additional wildlife to see!